Are you interested in reviewing my books?

Aw, that's so kind! I'm delighted whenever I see that someone has taken the time to write a thoughtful review to assist other readers. I often read reviews myself when considering whether or not to purchase a book, and I know how valuable they can be to both the author and book buyers.

Bloggers and booklovers are the backbone of indie publishing, and I couldn't do this without the amazing Facebook groups, blogs, and Goodreads groups that have been so enthusiastic and welcoming. I'm always available and happy to participate in spotlights, giveaways, takeover hosting, or any way that I can help my fellow authors connect with their readers.

Recently I've been inundated by ARC requests, which is a flattering problem to have! If you're an avid reader and regular reviewer on Amazon or Goodreads, then you can fill out this form and I will contact you regarding ARC list openings. But please understand that this is a request list for readers who wish to leave reviews, not a freebie list

ARC downloads are limited and recorded by email address. Unfortunately, due to the number of requests, readers who download books but are not actively engaged in the feedback process may lose their place on the list. It sucks, but c'est la vie!

Happy reading!

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